Blockchain 3D printing, distributed digital manufacturing ecological protocol.

Based on the blockchain technology, digital manufacturing ecological protocol connects digital manufacturing devices such as 3D printers around the world, building a distributed manufacturing ecological chain which allows every production equipment to become a node of the global manufacturing network.

Digital Distributed Manufacturing (Blockchain 3D Printing) Solutions

Features of MIP.AI

Blockchain technology ensures the safety of manufacturing data

Blockchain technology provides data security for parts design, dissemination, and fabricating during the whole manufacturing process.More importantly, it can directly instruct production and avoid direct human contact, piracy, copying, and falsification from the source.

Capitalized on Design Data, Usage-based Pricing

Design data becomes a status of assets. It can be sold when the production is needed and charges according to the usage.

Distributed manufacturing,Mining 3DP tokens

Global distributed manufacturing can be achieved . MIP.AI collects the global digital manufacturing resources, adjusts them to connect the MIP.AI by Internet and assigns the orders to the matched equipment. Also, 3DP tokens are mined during the 3D printing process.

Intelligent production and equipment

With the introduction of artificial intelligence technology, MIP.AI can accurately analyze the data and requirements submitted by users, and the IOT technology can be used to implement edge computing and edge control of the equipment.

Transparent factory, production traceability

All production manufacturing and usage data on the chain are recorded and cannot be tampered. The devices are networked thanks to the IOT technology application. After authorized, the users can view the status of each node’s production device in real time.

Intelligent dispatchand efficiently match resources

Manufacturing resources can be classified according to factors such as equipment type, material type, region, service level score generated by historical data, availability, price, etc. The platform allocates the BOM to the most suitable manufacturing resources.

Industry Authority

Changes by Digital Manufacturing (3D printing, etc.)


Since 2012,we have accumulated

3D Printing Related Companies


Designers and Engineers


3D printing related users


CAD Models


Members of the Ecosystem

Welcome to Join MIP.AI

  • CAD designers, engineers.
  • Digital manufacturing equipment (3D Printer ect) owners.
  • Digital manufacturing equipment manufacturers.
  • Software provider of CAD modeling, PLM, machine processing and process monitoring.

Blockchain-based, distributed, digital

Development Plan

  • Feb.2017,MIP.AI was established and began to sorted out users, technologies, markets, and applications.
  • Mar.2018 ,MIP.AI token was released, codenamed 3DP, and the Chinese name is 3D printing token.
  • May.2018 ,White paper on MIP.AI was released.
  •  2018 Q4,MIP.AI 1.0 : Online trading platform for 3D model data based on blockchain technology will be launched
  • 2019 Q2,MIP.AI 2.0 : The whole process of model transfer, purchase and 3D printing based on distributed manufacturing chain will be got through.
  • 2019 Q3,MIP.AI 3.0 : Open platform and release the SDK.
  • 2020 Q1,MIP.AI 4.0: Provide segmentation domain side chains for different application industry domains and scenarios.
  • 2020 Q3,MIP.AI 5.0 : Platform globalization.

Core Team Members


Dr. Adam Liu

Doctor of National University of Singapore, responsible for 3D big data search, mining and 3D data encryption algorithm development.

Ben Li

The founder of China’s 3D Printing leading media platform (founded in 2012), a blockchain technology observer. He has been involved with blockchain and Bitcoin since 2011 and has planed and executed several distributed manufacturing projects.

Gen Yang

Graduated from the Department of Mathematics of Nanjing University, once worked as a Huawei software engineer, and later established a leading 3D printing cloud manufacturing platform in China as a co-founder. The platform accumulated tens of millions of financing, and won the first place in the “Internet+ Top 10 Innovation Cases” hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. As the only representative of intelligent manufacturing, he went to the State Council to report to the Prime Minister. He has a deep understanding and practical experience in the digital IOT technology architecture of the manufacturing industry and the blockchain industrial cloud technology architecture.

Fly Wang

Master of computer science from Shenzhen University, blockchain technical engineer. Mainly focuses on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, early gamers of bitcoin and dog-dog coins. He once founded China’s hottest dog community forum. In 2018, his artificial intelligence book “TensorFlow Scratch” was published.

Dr. Json Nie

The principal of the Multimedia Information Processing Center of Tianjin University, a visiting scholar of the National University of Singapore, and a visiting researcher of Visenze, a famous Internet company in Singapore. He mainly engage in artificial intelligence, multimedia analysis and related frontier research and has published many papers in the top journals and conferences in the field as the corresponding author and applied for more than 20 patents.

Peter Pan

Master of Tsinghua University, co-founder of China’s first 3D printing media platform, responsible for MIP.AI platform business cooperation, resource connection and community operations.

Torry Shao

Master of Mechanical Engineering from Tsinghua University, he has deeply cultivated in the 3D field for many years, he also promoted the integration of 3D printing and technology education, formulated relevant educational solutions and successfully applied it to China’s top primary and secondary schools. He led the development of 3D printing software and hardware based on the IOT and has a deep understanding of the combination of 3D printing and blockchain.

Hanju Bao

Semiconductor integrated circuit experts, embedded software development engineers of the ZTE Research Department, technical backbones of the Huawei Symantec driver group, and application developers based on the ARM A7 A9 series chips; he has developed more than 40 technology application solutions.

Application direction

Protect design data

Custom medical models, guides

Distributed collaborative manufacturing


Customized shoes and glasses

Design transactions, cash out

Automotive Spare Parts Resource Library

Share manufacturing equipment

IP derivatives

Intention to Cooperate

  • https://t.me/i3dprintcoin